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Reality is a geo-location MMORPG with an extensive avatar customization, deep, innovative, ultra-fast combat, real-world exploration and an endgame competition on unprecedented scale.

The game is set in our world - just on the invisible side of It.
Players use their smartphones to communicate with a parallel reality where magic exists and technology far surpasses our wildest expectations.

But, there is a millenium-long war going on and the interference from powerful corporations that are ruling our world from the shadows is only going to make it worse.


Start the game by establishing your base of operations, referred as the "Hideout". Inside the Hideout you craft items, accept new contracts, start different "projects" (ongoing quests with multiple stages) and feed your Ego to increase its power and customization abilities.
While out in the world you use mobile devices to scan your surroundings for enemies, resources, ancient technologies and remnants of civilizations long gone - interactions with those often yield unpredictable results. Explore, fight, loot, investigate, complete quests and return to your Hideout to live another day.

You are represented by the Ego, your in-game avatar with an infinite amount of customization - both visual and mechanical.

While in combat, Ego fights monsters by itself while you support it with magic spells in lightning-fast tactical combat. Combat is governed by your skill only without any RNG. Using the magic seal, you can combine up to four magic runes (from the hundreds you can learn) into magic spells of your own making.
Your strategic thinking, memory and ability to think on your feet are your only limits.

Loot is plentiful and equipment found can be further upgraded with crafting: there are hundreds of magical bonuses with billions of possible combinations. To automate combat develop your Ego in certain ways. If you prefer to fight your battles yourself, collect rune fragments and assemble them into magic runes with vastly different effects.

But the rarest equipment can only be found on mythical enemies - far away from the civilization. Additionally, the magic runes vary from country to country: the most powerful ones are, well... hidden. If you desire true power, be prepared to travel the length and breadth of the world.
Or, find those who did and trade with them. And good luck trading for unique items - ones that are powerful: but only one such item can exist in the world at any given time.
Looking for something more... social? We got you covered!
See, when players congregate in some areas, it generates something we call a "Pyre" - a resource gathering point of sorts.
Several powerful corporations are trying to claim Pyres for themselves and it's up to you to help them or hinder their advancement. This requires organization.
Form clans with other players to take on a corporation's contract. Clans can remain loyal to one corporation, or work for the highest bidder, or even turn corporations against each other - every approach has its benefits.

But what about areas where there are only a few players to begin with? Well, far from the Pyres is where the Hidden Ones are born and the Whispers spread. Whispers weaken players at first,but in time they make sense and can grant you powers beyond Imagination... but, only while the Hidden Ones are alive. Whispers can't affect those under the protection of Pyres, but they manifest as Emissaries - powerful beings that try to eat the Pyre if you don't destroy them in time.
Yet, the only sure way to protect the Pyre is to form a capable hunting party, seek the Hidden One and take it out... but those hearing their Whispers may not like that at all.
At the heart of "Reality" is the idea of recognizing and celebrating the player's agenda. Quest system, for example, is built around real actions of the player. At first you are treated as a rookie and contacted by Operators with different agendas for odd jobs. Respond better to the needs of the particular Operator and they introduce you to their contacts.

Specialization is rewarded by new exciting quest lines. Hacking corporate Pyres a lot? Welcome to the Matr... err... hacker's questline. Are you more concerned with amassing a fortune at the in-game auction? Be recognized as a mogul and black market trader. Aligning yourself with one corporation again and again?

Expect a full-time contract with all the perks and expectations. Want to be a lone mercenary for the rest of your life?
Get a "Lone Gunslinger" type of narrative.

From the narrative standpoint, we are looking at games like the "Fallen London" and their ability to make you feel special with whatever you prefer to do.

You'll need a mobile device with a stable network connection to play "Reality". Internet connection is required to prevent cheating, track geospatial data and, most importantly, allow for synchronous real-time PvP.

The game is set to release on iOS and Android. It can be played in short sessions (like when you're running to nearby store to buy something for dinner and only have a couple of minutes) or you can spend hours playing it every day; there are no artificial limits to play and no penalties for playing too much or too little.

Reality is free to play and we are doing everything possible to keep it fair and keep it fun - even if it means avoiding major publishers with pressure from their side to monetize everything.

You can pay for cosmetics and some quality-of-life enhancements - like expanding your inventory space or interacting with objects outside your reach if you don't feel like walking to them (but why would you do this?).

Communities and local businesses can pay for setting up the Pyres and strengthening them against Emissaries.
Yet there is no artificial grind, no paywalls, no buying power of any kind.

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